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  • Take control of your finances by using Geezo, your personal finance manager
  • We are now compatible with Quicken and Mint.com


A new year means new financial priorities. Our Personal Finance Manager can help! If you spent a little more than planned this holiday season or just want to whip your finances back into shape, the Personal Finance Manager can help you spend less and stay on track for your 2016 financial goals.


Personal Finance Manager helps you manage your money by making it easy to track your spending, and look at all of your accounts, whether at Illinois State Credit Union or other financial institutions, in one place.

  • Save time – see all your accounts in one place (even those at other financial institutions)
  • Gain control – set budgets and track spending
  • Save Money – create goals and build savings plans
  • Avoid fees – a cash flow calendar helps you see your available funds so you can be prepared to pay bills on time
Spend less and save more with Personal Finance Manager for a chance to win CASH!

Set up your 2016 financial savings goals in your Personal Finance Manager and be entered to win $500, $250, or one of three $100 prizes! It pays to spend within your budget & save more to reach your financial goals!

Entering the contest is easy! Log into your online banking, click “Finance Mgr†tab, and set up at least one financial goal before February 29, 2016 and you’ll be automatically entered into the drawing to win one of five cash prizes.

How to Setup a Budget and Spend Smart

The Personal Finance Manager helps you track and manage your finances by setting and monitoring spending.

This is achieved with:

Step 1: Log into your online banking

Step 2: Click “Finance Mgr†tab (the tab before last)

Step 3: Click on the “Goals†tab and choose a goal to save for.

Step 4: Complete the fields to name your goal, select the account you’re saving in and the amount you wish to save along with your completion date. You can also set up alerts here if you would like.

Repeat for other savings goals.

For official rules, simply click HERE

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